20 Creative DIY Ways to Wrap Presents

We love NYC during the holidays – trees are lit up, wreaths are hung, apple cider is on every menu, and everyone seems happier, friendlier, and excited.

This holiday season impress your friends and family with these creative ways to wrap presents.

Image adapted from the talented Ashley Brooke

1. DIY Chalkboard Gift Wrap:

Chalkboard gift wrapping idea

via New Wonderful Photos

2. DIY Large Print Photo Wrapping Paper:


via A Subtle Revelry

3. DIY Newspaper Gift Wrap:

Newspaper Giftwrap

via Adelle

4. DIY Painted Wrapping Paper:

painted gift wrap

via Classic Play

5. DIY Watercolor Gift Wrap:

Watercolor Gift Wrap

via Julep

6. DIY Map Gift Wrap: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Map Wrapping Paper

7. DIY Vintage Stamp Gift Wrap: ”Brown paper packages tied up with string…”

vintage stamp gift wrapping 1

via Bugs and Fishes

8. Typography Gift Wrap:  You can even use paper of things that matter to the person i.e. sheet music, recipes…

typography gift wrap

via Bugs and Fishes

9. DIY Wrapping Paper Using Stencils and Twine: EASY!


10. DIY Gift Wrap Made By Repurposing a Kid’s Art: Because there is only so much room on your fridge…

Martha Stewart DIY Giftwrap

11. DIY Instagram Gift Wrap: Because who doesn’t love Instagram?

Instagram Gift Wrap

via Brit + Co.

12. DIY Sharpie Gift Wrap: Sweet and sentimental.

Sharpie Gift Wrap

via Sharpie Markers Official Blog

13. DIY Ceder Sprigs and Pinecones Gift Wrap: Festive!


via The Home Depot

14. DIY Love Letter Wrapping Paper: Check this out for inspiration.

love letter wrapping paper

 via The Little Canopy

15. DIY Crossword Puzzle Gift Wrap: Write a secret message and keep them entertained. Win-win.

diy crossword gift wrap

 via Trend Hunter

16. DIY Handprint Wrapping Paper: Super cute for grandparents!!!

DIY Handprint Gift Wrap

 via Kiwi Crate

17. DIY Rustic Gift Wrap: Simple.

DIY gift wrap

via Cut Craft Create

18. DIY Photo Gift Wrap: A photo says a thousand words.


via The House That Lars Built

19. Interactive Gift Wrap for Kids: You know how parents always lament that kids like the box more than the gift inside? That may be the case with this wrapping paper!

creative interactive gift wrap ideas for kids

 via Lines Across

20. DIY Glitter Gift Wrap: She leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes.

DIY Glitter Gift Wrap

 via Best Day Ever

Happy Holidays!


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