Parcel & Journey Launch

Parcel & Journey


We are so excited about the launch of Parcel & Journey, a brand new lifestyle brand that, “connects skilled artisans in overlooked communities with an opportunity to sell to their crafts online to an urban and fashion forward audience.” Parcel & Journey was inspired by Joanna Steinberg’s passion for travel and altruism. In her introduction note she writes, “through Parcel & Journey it is my hope to connect skilled artisans in poverty-stricken areas with export markets and fashion-forward consumers. At Parcel & Journey, we believe in the power of a ‘trade not aid’ mentality, and in the importance of sharing historical traditions through global design.” Proceeds from each purchase, “are invested in family priorities including healthcare, education, and improving infrastructure within the community.” Visitors to the site can shop by selecting the global destination where the piece was made or by selecting the type of item they want to purchase. Parcel & Journey’s female founder has placed an emphasis on partnering with women’s co-ops in an effort to provide a sustainable business model for other female entrepreneurs. The pieces in the carefully curated collections are beautiful and unique and we’re sure that they will inspire a sense of wanderlust to anyone who wears them.

Here are our picks for five Parcel & Journey gifts for anyone on your list this holiday season:

Parcel & Journey

Introducing Parcel & Journey

Parcel & Journey

Parcel & Journey

Introducing Parcel & Journey

Large Take A Journey Bag // Leather Belted Clutch // Infinity Splatter Tie Scarf // Medium Beaded Bracelets // Featherweight Ombre Cashmere Stole


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