In Jane’s Suitcase

In Jane's Suitcase

This fourth of July weekend, we’ll be heading to the Hamptons for beach-side days, Cyril’s-filled afternoons, and evenings spent sipping on rosé while eating oysters at East Hampton Point.

From beach to town, the relaxed Joie Ridgley Pants are our favorite cover-up to be paired over an L*Space bikini with Tom Ford sunglasses and a Kate Spade beach tote. Watch the fireworks wearing our go-to Parker dress and Sperry wedges, and spend the rest of the weekend reading The Rules of Civility, opening up the occasional beverage with our very own Three Jane Bottle Opener Bracelet!

To Purchase, click the links below (from left to right):

1 // Jenni Kayne Blue & Red Shoes:

2 // L*Space Bikini:

3 // Joie Ridgley Pants:

4 // Kate Spade Beach Tote:

5 // Tom Ford Sunglasses:

6 // Three Jane Bottle Opener Bracelet:

7 // Rules of Civility:

8 // Sperry Wedges:

9 // Parker Dress:


Latest Comments

  1. Home Seasons says:

    Lovely 4th of July pieces! The blue pants and red shoes are so fun for summer!

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